Important Notice for Photographers

  • Important note to all customers: the cropping and correction tools on upload are designed for non-pro use (for retail / amateur customers who do not have corrected monitors and imaging software). Keynsham is a professional lab, and always prints from the 'original' image, IGNORING any on-screen changes made using these retail/amateur edit tools (even if you have made crop changes and can see them on screen)
  • As such, all images need to be saved as JPEG and at 305 PPI.
  • If you require a smaller image to be printed onto a larger print you can save the image at 299.437PPI (laser resolution) and in the notes section ask for the images to be converted no-resize manually. This is the reason for 305PPI to oversize the image by 6 pixels to eliminate the skue of the paper during printing.
  • Contact sheets are the same in that you need to make sure that you have at least 8mm around the contact sheets so as not to lose any of the file names.
  • Please note all images will be printed at the print size chosen doing the upload.      

    For Example:-   If you upload a 4"x4" image and choose the 6"x4" print size, your image will be stretched to 6"x4" resulting in cropping. The way to order odd sized images is to put the image onto a template which matches the print size, i.e. if you want a 4"x4" then you need to put the 4"x4" onto a 6"x4" template, flatten and save as a JPEG at 305PPi. The result will be that your 4"x4" image will be in the middle of a 6"x4" print.

Desktop Kiosk Bulk Uploader Software

(Java Webstart Client, Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux)

Run the downloaded launch.jnlp file.

Click here if you have trouble launching.


Should you require any further assistance with any of the preparations, please feel free to call the lab on 0117 9860030.